Have You Eaten Your Green Today?

Oi Mate!

It’s St. Paddy’s Day — the day of four-leaf clovers, leprechauns and, of course, green beer! Today is the best day of all to celebrate green food! Now, I’m not talking about food that is artificially green; I’m talking about food that was born green — foods like spinach, artichokes, broccoli and limes. I am totally in love with green foods and am always looking for new and fun ways to prepare them. Here are five of the many green recipes that are on my list of foods to cook. I promise to share with you the pics and adventure of each one, no matter how they turn out…

Spinach and Artichoke Souffle from SpicyTasty — Isn’t this a gorgeous souffle? I am determined to make a souffle this beautiful and delicious. I mean, it must be delicious. It contains spinach, artichoke, eggs, cheese … and … butter! Yum.

Chicken Pesto Sandwich from Damn Delicious — I pinned this on Pinterest about a year ago because I love pesto and, well, this sandwich looks absolutely delish! I am embarrassed to say that I still have not made it, but am determined to do so as soon as my basil and arugula are ready to harvest. Why wait? Because a sandwich this sexy deserves only the freshest of organic greens.
Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Broccoli Tots from The Two Bite Club — Broccoli is my favorite veggie. I usually steam it, roast it or toss it in a salad, and I am always looking for new ways to enjoy it. This looks simply yummy. It is definitely on my To-Cook list for later this week.
Broccoli Tots

Key Lime Pie from Tastes Really Good — I love, love, love Key Lime Pie! Finding the consummate balance of tart and sweet is the key to a perfect pie. My search may be over with this one.
Key Lime Pie

Well, there you go. Something green for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. What do you think? Is there anything here that you would eat? Why not give one or more of them a try and let me know how they turn out?


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