It’s Quick, It’s Spicy, It’s Delicious!

On my journey this past year to a healthier ZouZou, I often turned to my Weight Watchers cookbooks for ideas and inspiration. I have discovered oodles of healthy and delicious recipes and several are now my family’s faves. One of our absolute favorite dinner entrees is Szechuan Chicken with Noodles from the Weight Watchers One Pot Cookbook. One […]

A Twist on Grandma’s Pudding Cake

When we vacationed in Mexico last year, we brought home a bottle of the most excellent Mexican tequila and a beautiful bottle of Kahlua. The tequila barely made it home before the bottle was empty, but the seal on the Kahlua has been waiting a year to be cracked. When I ran across the Kahlua the other […]

Thanksgiving Tradition

The first time I tasted this savory succotash casserole was when my future step-grandmother served it at Thanksgiving dinner the year we met. I was 13. It was veggies. I should have hated it. But, I didn’t hate it. I absolutely LOVED it and could not get enough! I had seconds, thirds and even fourths that day! […]