I Love the Smell of Blanched Beans in the Morning

Twenty-eight pounds of green beans is a lot of beans. And, it takes a heck of a long time for one ZouZou to prepare 28 pounds of beans for freezing — I’ve been working on this flat for four days and I.Must.Finish.Today. That’s a lot of sorting, a lot of snapping, a lot of blanching. When I […]

It’s Time to Kick the Can!

I love soup. It has been my lunchtime meal choice many times during my journey to better health. I make a lot of soup from scratch, but I will admit that sometimes I cave to the can. Recently, I heated up a can of “healthy” chicken and dumpling soup. Carrots, celery, onions, dumplings and chunks of chicken breast […]

Brussels Sprouts Love

I am one lucky woman. Everyone in my family LOVES one of the healthiest foods in the world: Brussels sprouts. They love them so much that I am always on the lookout for different and creative ways to prepare them. We’ve had them steamed, sauteed, shredded and deep fried, but our favorite Brussels sprouts, by far, are oven-roasted. […]

Thanksgiving Tradition

The first time I tasted this savory succotash casserole was when my future step-grandmother served it at Thanksgiving dinner the year we met. I was 13. It was veggies. I should have hated it. But, I didn’t hate it. I absolutely LOVED it and could not get enough! I had seconds, thirds and even fourths that day! […]